Huge Student Poll Boost for Lib Dems

Liberal Democrats abolished tuition fees in Scotland

Nearly half of all undergraduates plan to vote for the Liberal Democrats, according to a new survey for the Times Higher Education Supplement.

Two-thirds of students said they intended to vote at the next general election, but a third said that their party-political sympathies had changed because of the Government’s plans for fees. Labour could count on about 39 per cent of the student vote before the fees vote, but this has dropped to 20 per cent since the Government got its way on fees.

Charles Kennedy strongly welcomed the results:

“This is very good news for the Liberal Democrats, and I welcome a new generation of voters to a new era of politics. I would urge them to not simply vote for the Liberal Democrats, but to join our Party.

“Their involvement as members, and as future MPs and MEPs could very well shape the future of British politics.”

Almost half of the students surveyed – 49 per cent – said Tony Blair should stand down. Overall, the Times Higher / Opinion Panel Research poll showed support as: Lib Dems 47%, Lab 20%, Con 23%.

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