Income tax changes will benefit thousands of local people – Jo

Jo Swinson has revealed that as of this week, 48,500 people in the East Dunbartonshire council area will pay at least £200 less income tax.

Thanks to the Liberal Democrat-led increase in the personal tax allowance, these changes also mean 930 people will cease to pay any income tax at all from April 6th onwards. The Liberal Democrats in Government are taking steps to increase the personal tax allowance to £10,000, and these initial moves will mean that no-one pays any tax on the first £7,475 they earn, rising to £8105 next year.

Commenting, Jo said:

“The Liberal Democrats made a promise at last year’s General Election to increase the personal tax allowance, and I am pleased that we are now delivering that promise in Government.

“Putting money back into the pockets of lower-earning individuals and families during these tough economic times is a priority for the Lib Dems. The previous Labour government put a huge unfair tax burden on the poorest in society, so we are ensuring that those earning the least pay less of their income in tax.

“These figures show that almost 50,000 people in East Dunbartonshire have benefitted from tax changes as a result of Liberal Democrat policy in Government.”


These figures were calculated using the data on employee earnings from the ONS’s 2010 Annual Survey of Earnings and Hours dataset by local authority of residence. Figures for employees in each local authority removed from tax and those paying reduced tax were used to extrapolate the results for all taxpayers on a proportional basis.

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