Independent report slams Tesco Milngavie plans

Jo Swinson MP has urged Tesco to call a halt to their plans after an independent report found that they may violate local planning guidelines.

Tesco has claimed that its plans would not have a negative impact on the surrounding landscape. The report, carried out by independent experts Land Use Consultants, refutes this claim.

The report has also found that a full Environmental Impact Assessment should have been submitted by Tesco along with the planning application.

Jo Swinson has joined with local pressure group We Like Milngavie, who commissioned the report, in calling on Scottish Ministers to ensure that Tesco carries out the assessment before the appeal is allowed to proceed.

Commenting, Jo Swinson said:

“This report from independent consultants confirms what I and other campaigners have been saying for some time – that a full Environmental Impact Assessment should have been carried out.

“We Like Milngavie have shown great initiative in commissioning this report and I hope that Scottish Ministers will now act to ensure the impact of Tesco’s plans on Milngavie’s environment and its economy are fully assessed.

“I also hope that Tesco will take seriously the consultants’ suggestions as to how they could revise their plans to reduce the impact on the local area.”

The full report can be downloaded here:

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