Iraq will be Blair’s overriding legacy

British soldier in Iraq (photo from

Many predict that Tony Blair will be most widely remembered for taking Britain to war in Iraq

Tony Blair revealed today that he will step down as Prime Minister on 27th June. Commenting on the long-awaited announcement, Jo said:

“Mr Blair came to office in 1997 with a strong mandate from the British people, but was simply too timid on issues like our public services and environmental challenges.

“The one issue where he showed his most determined leadership was Iraq, which turned out to be Britain’s worst foreign policy mistake since Suez.

“The Prime Minister can be congratulated on his three election victories, as well as the progress his government has made, particularly on devolution.

“The fact remains, however, that it is the Iraq war that will remain longest in many people’s memories of Tony Blair.”

The Liberal Democrats have submitted a motion in Parliament calling for the dissolution of Parliament and an immediate General Election.

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