Jim Wallace visits East Dunbartonshire in tour of top 5 target seats

Jim Wallace and Jo Swinson 10 reasons to vote Lib Dem

Jo Swinson and Jim Wallace set out the positive reasons to vote Lib Dem on Thursday

Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Jim Wallace today visited Jo Swinson and her team in East Dunbartonshire in a tour of his party’s top five target seats.

Mr Wallace presented Jo with a board showing the top 10 reasons to vote Scottish Liberal Democrat, as he urged local Liberal Democrats to work hard right up to the moment the polls close on Thursday.

He highlighted that more votes for the Liberal Democrats will mean more Liberal Democrat MPs in the next Parliament, such as local woman Jo Swinson.

Jim Wallace said: “The Scottish Liberal Democrats enter the final three days of the campaign looking forward to making substantial gains on Thursday. Our message is resonating on the doorsteps. Our poll ratings are at their highest ever level.

“Following the further revelations about the war in Iraq it is clear that Tony Blair has undermined trust in government and politics. Every day it seems more and more apparent that Tony Blair persuaded himself to follow his friend George W Bush into war and then scrambled around for a justification for doing so.

“He claims history will judge him. He’s wrong. The Scottish and British people will, this Thursday.

Jo Swinson added: “The Liberal Democrats have set out a positive message for Scotland and a programme based on fairness. The Liberal Democrats are the only party at this election that will deliver additional resources to invest here in Scotland. We will invest £1.8 billion in our children and in delivering a fairer deal for our pensioners.

“Here in East Dunbartonshire it is neck and neck in a two horse race between Liberal Democrats and Labour.”

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