Jo attacks SNP’s broken promise on East Dunbartonshire police

Jo with Strathclyde Police Officer

The SNP have dropped their manifesto pledge to recruit 1000 extra police

Jo Swinson has slammed the SNP’s announcement that the number of additional Police Officers to be recruited will be half that previously promised.

The decision to reduce the number of extra recruits to 500, from the 1,000 previously promised, means that based on an equal proportional rise across Scottish forces, there will be only 240 more officers across the Strathclyde Region instead of the 480 extra promised.

Jo said:

“Only 3 weeks ago the SNP were talking about the importance of delivering on their manifesto pledge of 1,000 extra police officers across Scotland. But they have now announced that Strathclyde Police will only receive an additional 240 officers and not the 480 promised.

“Fighting crime and anti-social behaviour in East Dunbartonshire means getting more police on the beat, but the SNP Scottish Government is set to deliver the lowest annual number of police recruits since devolution began.

“It is a worrying sign that the SNP are already dropping manifesto pledges like hot potatoes.”

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