Jo backs Front Page Campaign to protect children

Jo is backing a campaign to stop children being exposed to harmful images in magazines and newspapers.

The child protection charity the Front Page Campaign aims to have sexually graphic magazines and newspapers moved to the top shelves in shapes and given appropriate age-ratings. Jo has backed a Parliamentary motion calling for an urgent review of the guidelines for selling such publications.

Commenting, Jo said:

“Highly sexualised images and messages have sadly become a pervasive part of our culture. While adults can make their own decisions as to what media they consume, there is a great deal of evidence that exposure to such material can have hugely damaging effects on the well-being of children, who are not emotionally equipped to deal with them.”

“I find it very concerning that lads’ mags and sexually graphic images in newspapers can so often be found on low shelves in the shops, often directly at children’s eye level. We must urgently look at tightening regulation to protect children from these images.”

Amy King, Chair of the Front Page Campaign, said:

“We are grateful for this invaluable show of support from Jo Swinson. This shows a determination to uphold family values and protect the rights and responsibilities of children and parents.”

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