Jo backs home-made bags for life

Jo Swinson with Claire Morsman demonstrating Morsbags

Morsbags reuse cloth from clothes, duvets and curtains to create a reusable shopping bag

Jo Swinson has backed a group promoting home-made reusable shopping bags.

Morsbags is part of a global network, founded in January this year by Claire Morsman, which provides people with instructions to help them make and distribute re-usable shopping bags. Jo joined Claire and representatives from Morsbags at a recent event in the House of Commons, to learn more about the group’s activities.

Commenting, Jo said:

“Making Morsbags is a really fun way to help improve the world in which we live, and its something that everyone can get involved with. The idea of Morsbags is to get together with people in your local community and make reusable cloth bags – something I think people in East Dunbartonshire can really get involved in”

“Morsbags are a new, sociable and sustainable way to challenge the problem of plastic bag waste. Making sure we remember to carry re-usable shopping bags with us is a simple step that can have a significant positive impact on the environment.”

Globally, over one million plastic carrier bags are consumed every minute, and it is estimated that the average person in the UK uses over 300 per year.

So far Morsbags have made over 21,300 bags out of reusable cloth such old duvet covers and curtains. That potentially replaces over 10.5 million plastic carriers. The bags are locally sourced and made by scouts, school children, pensioners, youth groups and many more. Over 100 groups worldwide are involved with Morsbags and the number is continuing to grow each week.

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