Jo backs Team Jac!

Jo has lent her support to Milngavie resident Jacqueline Didsbury’s campaign to raise awareness of the need for more organ donors.

Jacqueline suffers from Cystic Fibrosis, and spent two years on the organ donor register waiting for a double lung transplant. Sadly she lost her two sisters to the disease, and when she was placed on the list she was given only a 50% chance of surviving the next two years. However, in April 2008 Jacqueline was finally matched with a donor, and the transplant transformed her life. From being on 24 hour oxygen and using a wheelchair, Jacqueline is now back at work in her job as a doctor, and is determined to help others who are in need of organ transplants.

Jo met Jacqueline in Mugdock Country Park today, where she was training for a 10 mile sponsored walk from Elie to Leven on 9th May to raise money for ‘Live Life Then Give Life’. The charity aims to raise awareness of the shortage of organ donors in the UK and encourage people to register as donors. Jacqueline will be accompanied on her walk by 177 participants who make up ‘Team Jac’.

Commenting, Jo said:

“Jacqueline’s story is truly awe-inspiring. I cannot imagine how painful and frustrating it must have been to have been on the transplant waiting list for so long, and what a relief it must have been to find a donor. It is really important that more people sign up to become organ donors, and I think the work Jacqueline is doing to raise awareness of this is amazing. She is a living example of the benefits of organ donation and I hope Team Jac will raise lots of money to help more people to get a second chance in life.”

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