Jo calls for 3D model of Tesco plans

Jo has called on Tesco to provide a 3D model of the planned superstore in Milngavie.

Local action group ‘WeLikeMilngavie’, run by Milngavie resident Eve Gilmore, is keen for Tesco to provide a 3D model of the superstore, which would allow residents to see for themselves how the development would sit with local surroundings. Jo has written to Tesco to ask them to create such a model.

In her letter to the supermarket chain, Jo expressed her concern over the scale of the development. Jo’s survey of Milngavie residents last year showed that more than two thirds of residents believed the store would be too high, and most participants felt it was unnecessary and inappropriate for a small, picturesque town like Milngavie. Despite sending the result’s of the survey to Tesco over 3 months ago, Jo has not received any response to the findings.

Commenting, Jo said:

“The sheer size of the proposed new store has caused a great deal of alarm amongst people in Milngavie. If Tesco are keen to engage with local people on this matter, then they must agree to produce a 3D model so that local residents and the Council can see for themselves what the development will look like.

“I am disappointed that three months since I sent Tesco the results of my survey of Milngavie residents, I have received no response from them. I hope they will be more forthcoming in responding to this request.”

The text of the letter to Tesco appears below:

Dear Ms. Duncan,

Following numerous letters of concern from my constituents regarding the planned expansion of the Tesco store off Woodbury Way, Milngavie, I am writing to ask whether Tesco would consider producing a comprehensive 3D model of the store. I believe this would give local people a better idea of the how its presence will sit with local surroundings, and the impact it might have on the nearby Town Centre Conservation Area.

As you will be aware, the possible effect that the new two-storey superstore will have on the landscape of Milngavie is creating a great deal of anxiety amongst my constituents. I hope you will have found useful the results of my survey of local people’s views towards the proposals, which I sent to you on 18th December, and would be pleased to know whether you plan to make any amendments to the plans in light of the consultation responses. Nearly 1 in 5 residents took part in the survey, making it an important indicator of the feelings of Milngavie residents towards the plans.

It is of utmost importance to my constituents that there is a full and thorough consultation process between Tesco and the local residents to allay any fears they may have about the possible impact the store would have on the area. I would be grateful if you could clarify whether Tesco plans to do any further consultation, and what form that consultation might take.

Yours sincerely,

Jo Swinson MP

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