Jo calls for local focus from politicians

Jo Swinson MP has called on politicians to connect with local people in order to restore faith in democracy.

Jo made the comments while addressing a fringe at the Liberal Democrat conference in Blackpool on the subject of restoring public interest in democracy.

Jo commented, “The disengagement that has taken place between people and the democratic system is a real issue of concern. This is a multi-faceted problem, but we should start looking for a solution at the local level. There is no substitute for personal contact and a connection between MPs and the people they represent.”

“As the youngest MP in the House of Commons, I am often asked why young people are not interested in politics. However, I would this is an assumption that I would challenge. Often, their interest is initially sparked by single issues; we only need to look as far as the success of the Make Poverty History campaign for evidence of this. The key is to show how single issues fit into the bigger picture, how decisions are made and how they can be influenced. If the support of very large numbers of people for a particular cause is ignored, such as happened over Iraq, then the result will surely be disaffection with democracy.”

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