Jo calls on leadership contenders to address gender and ethnic balance

Reflecting Britain has challenged the three leadership contenders to make the Liberal Democrats more representative of 21st Century Britain


A new campaign to support women and ethnic minorities within the Liberal Democrats is being endorsed by Jo Swinson MP.

‘Reflecting Britain’ has been launched to coincide with the Liberal Democrat leadership contest, and seeks to make the Parliamentary Party more representative of 21st century Britain.

Jo has praised the campaign and urged the three leadership contenders to address the issue of under-representation of women and ethnic-minorities.

Commenting on the campaign launch, Jo said:

“The Liberal Democrats’ Gender Balance Task Force (GBTF) has made significant progress, with 7 out of 21 new MPs elected in 2005 being women. With increased resources it could do so much more to achieve greater representation of women.

“Where we need change most urgently is in the representation of ethnic minorities. The Party must mirror the success of the GBTF and give a genuine voice to ethnic minorities in Parliament.

“I would urge the three leadership candidates to sign up to this campaign and address the issue of under-representation of women and ethnic minorities.

“Drawing on a wider pool of talent will strengthen our party at all levels.”

As part of the campaign, the three leadership contenders are being asked to sign a statement of support for the party’s Gender Balance Task Force and Ethnic Minority Election Task Force. They are also being set 5 questions to answer on how they propose to make the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Party more diverse and reflective of wider society.

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