Jo celebrates benefits of milk in local nurseries

Jo Swinson MP for East Dunbartonshire acted as milk monitor for the day in both Bishopbriggs Childcare Centre and Buchanan Nursery in celebration of World School Milk Day.

To mark the event both centres encouraged children to drink milk and understand the nutritional benefits milk provides, alongside hundreds of schools and nurseries across the UK throughout September and October 2013.

Commenting ahead of the visits Jo said:

“I’m looking forward to acting as a milk monitor at Bishopbriggs Childcare Centre and Buchanan Nursery ahead of World School Milk Day 2013. School milk is a brilliant way of improving kids’ diets and helping them to adopt healthy lifestyles, as well as encouraging all-important social skills by bringing children together for a dedicated time each day to enjoy their milk.”

World School Milk Day is on Wednesday 25th September. An initiative driven globally by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, World School Milk Day is funded in the UK by Cool Milk, the country’s leading school milk supplier.

The annual event, held on the last Wednesday in September, has been celebrated by children drinking milk in schools and early years settings in over 30 countries around the world since 2000. In the UK, an estimated 1.5 million children under the age of five receive free milk every day, while pupils aged five to eleven receive subsidised milk.

Delivered fresh to the classroom, the milk is enjoyed as a group, promoting social development and independence. Milk is vital for building healthy bones and teeth and improves a child’s concentration, memory and creativity.

Margaret Dorrans, Nursery Manager at Bishopbriggs said

“Milk plays a big part of our daily life at our nursery. Within our service children are offered milk 3 times a day, for morning and afternoon snack and at lunchtime, the alternative being water, these are all really nice social times for the children.  It helps our children in their learning as it aids their concentration and creativity and helps built strong bones and teeth, this works well in conjunction with our Oral Health programme – ‘Smile too’ and in line with our healthy eating policy as milk contains essential nutrients a child needs including calcium, protein and vitamins. It helps the children build up a strong immune system so that they are fit and ready to work during their time at nursery. Milk is also great for the children after exercise or outdoor play as it helps boost their energy levels and has been proven to rehydrate and refuel the body”.

The children at Buchanan Nursery, namely Anelise, Lucy, Aaron, Jack, and Robyn said:

“Milk helps us to be big and strong, it helps our nails and body grown and our teeth to be big and strong.  Milk aids concentration, it refuels our energy levels throughout the day and hydrates us which enhances our learning. We love it.”



More information

  • Cool Milk is the UK’s leading school milk supplier, working in partnership with local authorities and early years groups to supply free and subsidised school milk to children in pre-schools, nurseries, and primary schools across the UK.
  • The 1944 Education Act introduced a free milk clause which gave a free glass (1/3 pint) of milk to all school children in the United Kingdom under the age of 18. Today, under the Welfare Food Scheme run by the Department of Health, under-fives are still eligible for free school milk. Milk is also subsidised for school children aged five to 11 by the European Union under the European school milk scheme.
  • It is recognised that there are a wide range of health benefits from drinking milk.

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