Jo challenges Government and Conservatives to support “in or out” referendum on Europe

Lib Dems are proposing an ‘in or out’ referendum on Britain’s EU membership

Jo Swinson is calling on the Government and Conservatives to back the campaign for an “in or out” Euro referendum.

The referendum would be an opportunity for the British public to decide whether Britain should continue to be a member of the European Union or not.

Jo said:

“There has been a debate on Britain’s role in Europe for many years without voters having the chance to express their opinion clearly through the ballot box. In fact it’s been over thirty years since the British public had a say on this subject. To deny voters this chance would be a travesty of justice.

“Unfortunately the last time the House of Commons had a chance to vote for an “in or out” referendum, the Conservative formed a pact with the Labour Government to reject the proposal for narrow party advantage.

“Not everything is perfect with the European Union but it has delivered many positive benefits such as cheaper goods, better environmental protection, increased freedom to work and live abroad, and strong measures to tackle international crime. As a party that welcomes these benefits for the UK we would campaign to stay in Europe in the referendum.

“But the EU has changed beyond recognition since we last had a referendum in 1975. No member of the public under the age of fifty has had the opportunity to vote on the significant changes that have taken place over the last few decades. So whatever our individual views we should all agree that the people must have their say.”

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