Jo continues to press First Minister on road repair funds

East Dunbartonshire Liberal Democrat candidate and Business Minister Jo Swinson continues to press the First Minister to give East Dunbartonshire its fair share of road repair funding.

Jo’s latest letter is part of her local roads campaign to ensure East Dunbartonshire Council gets the extra funds it urgently needs to improve local roads and pavements.

Commenting Jo said:

“The Coalition Government created a fund to tackle the problem of Britain’s roads but the SNP has taken their share of this money and diverted it elsewhere.

“Drivers, pedestrians and cyclists are frustrated with the state of East Dunbartonshire’s roads.  Over 400 local people have signed my petition calling for something to be done.”


  1. Jo’s latest letter to Nicola Sturgeon is below:


Rt Hon Nicola Sturgeon MSP

First Minister of Scotland
St. Andrew's House
Regent Road

Ref: 2014/0036302


27 March 2015

Dear Nicola,

Thank you for your letter of 16 January 2015 in response to my correspondence on the funds made available by the UK Government in 2014 for road maintenance in Scotland.

You wrote that the allocation of the consequential funding for road and pavement maintenance would be spent to address the capital costs of early learning and childcare commitments.   The Scottish Government has already received its share of the £100 million made available in 2012 for the capital costs arising from childcare.

Further the Scottish Government receives its share of UK Government early years education spending and yet still does not match the childcare provision in England and Wales.  A choice between adequate roads and quality, affordable childcare is not a choice that anyone in this country should have to make.

Roads and pavements in East Dunbartonshire are in a dire state and in immediate need of maintenance. Scotland’s road network has been ranked the worst in Britain for potholes, with 12,000 miles in need of repair.  Local authorities across Scotland are paying out over £600 a day in compensation to drivers whose cars are damaged by potholes. With a lengthy pothole backlog that has only grown worse over the course of the winter, it is time that your Government followed the UK Government’s lead and allocated an appropriate level of additional funding to a road repair fund for local councils.

Yours sincerely,


Jo Swinson MP



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