Jo criticises MP over ID card vote

Labour’s proposed ID cards are expensive and flawed

As Parliament returns after the Christmas recess, local Lib Dem Jo Swinson has criticised Labour MP John Lyons for his support for ID cards. Just before Parliament broke up he voted to support of the second reading of the Identity Cards Bill.

The ID card scheme will be phased in from 2007-2008 when those applying for a new or renewed passport will also have to get an ID card. The cost of a passport will more than double from £42 to £85 when new cards are introduced.

Local Lib Dem Parliamentary Spokesperson for East Dunbartonshire, Jo Swinson, commented, “Labour’s plans for ID cards are an expensive pre-election gimmick. The cards will cost a fortune and aren’t going to solve any problems. They will do little to tackle terrorism and the money would be much better spent on more police and more resources for MI5. By backing Blair on ID cards, John Lyons is complicit in building the foundations of a Big Brother state.”

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