Jo encourages first-time voters at Bishopbriggs Academy

Jo Swinson has addressed S5 and 6 pupils at Bishopbriggs Academy, some of whom will be voting for the first time in Scottish and local elections in May.

Earlier, the pupils spent the day engaged in fundraising activities for Red Nose Day.

Commenting after her speech, Jo said:

“Speaking to a new generation of would-be voters, the important message I wanted to get across was for these young people to use their vote and to engage in politics – to make politicians listen to them.

“The majority of the pupils I met won’t be old enough to vote in May, which is something that should be rectified by lowering the voting age to 16. These young people should be given equal responsibility to say who governs them as their older classmates.

“As well as discussions on Tony Blair and Iraq, the issue of citizenship came up as a popular topic for discussion. This was particularly relevant as many of the pupils had spent the day fundraising for Comic Relief – including having the chance to ‘gunge’ their teachers at lunchtime.

“Though it is done in the spirit of fun, this is a good example of young people engaging with the community in a positive way, something that we should be wholeheartedly encouraging.”

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