Jo encourages local residents to ‘have their say’ on shared parental leave

Local MP and Business Minister Jo Swinson is encouraging business and parents in East Dunbartonshire to ‘have their say’ on government plans to improve the current system of parental leave.

Jo launched a consultation on plans for shared parental leave and flexible working yesterday (25th February). The consultation will influence how the government legislates on this issue in the Children and Families Bill 2013.

Commenting Jo said:

“I know that many families in East Dunbartonshire would like to be able to make decisions on childcare based on what works for them. The measures proposed by the Government will do exactly that and enable parents to act in the best interests of their family.

“This consultation will ensure we get the detail right for business and families on how these new proposals will work. The first thought we always had when designing this system was that it did not add significant burdens to business and was as simple as possible for everyone to use. This consultation is about getting the detail right so we can achieve these goals.

“Shared parental leave plans constitute a radical reform. Mums and dads will have freedom to choose how they share time off after having a baby or adopting. As every parent knows, having children brings both joy and plenty of challenges. Our changes will let families get on with sharing the care responsibilities in whatever way works for them, replacing rigid rules based on an outdated stereotype that assumes that men are the breadwinners and the role of women is to stay at home and look after children.

“I encourage local residents to take part in the consultation to ensure their views about these plans are heard

More information

1. The shared parental leave system will give parents more choice and freedom in how they share the care of their child in the first year after birth. This will enable both mothers and fathers to keep a strong link to the workplace; encourage fathers to play a greater role in the early stages of their child’s life; and allow employers and employees greater flexibility in reaching agreement on how to best balance work and domestic needs without state interference.

2. The government will publish an amended Impact Assessment that sets out the estimated costs and benefits of the proposed administration process of the new scheme alongside the Government response to this consultation.

3. Views on the government’s consultation on the administration of shared parental leave can be submitted online at or through the form available at (until the consultation closes). If you decide to respond this way, the form can be submitted by letter or email to:

Sammy Harvey
Modern Workplaces
Department of Business, Innovation and Skills
1 Victoria Street
Tel: 020 7215 4268

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