Jo gains Scottish Government approval for Thomas Muir statue

Alex Salmond has responded to a letter from Jo to say that he will support the campaign to have a statue of Thomas Muir erected outside the Scottish Parliament.

The group ‘The Friends of Thomas Muir’ are campaigning to have a statue of the local hero, who was born in Bishopbriggs, built outside the Scottish Parliament building or in a prominent location along the Royal Mile in Edinburgh. The group submitted a petition this week with more than 500 signatures and must now meet with the Scottish Parliament Petitions Committee.

Jo wrote the First Minister in March asking him to support the campaign.

The First Minister said in his response that although it is up to Parliamentary authorities to make such a decision, the idea has “much merit” and he will write to the Parliament’s Presiding Officer to confirm his Government’s support for the campaign.

Commenting, Jo said:

“I am delighted that the Scottish Government is backing this campaign to pay tribute to the life of a cherished local hero. The petition gained more than 500 signatures and I look forward to hearing the response from the Parliamentary authorities.

“This is an excellent cause and I hope it will be successful in getting the Father of Scottish Democracy the recognition he deserves.”

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