Jo hails victory of prison name campaign

Jo is delighted that the Scottish Prison Service has decided to keep the name ‘HMP Low Moss’ for the prison in Bishopbriggs.

The prison was named HMP Low Moss for 40 years, however when it was demolished the SPS used the working title ‘HMP Bishopbriggs’ to refer to the new prison being built in its place. Jo has led a spirited campaign against the name ‘HMP Bishopbriggs’, which local people feared would bring negative connotations to the town’s name.

“I am delighted that the SPS has finally come to its senses. Sticking with the Low Moss name is just plain common sense and this is exactly the outcome we have been hoping for.

Low Moss prison sign“This is a victory for the people of Bishopbriggs. It is thanks to the activism of many in the local community who have supported the campaign against the name change that the SPS has reversed its plans to rename Low Moss “Bishopbriggs Prison” . Lots of local people went out collecting signatures on my behalf, and more than 3000 people signed the petition. Congratulations to everyone involved on the success of this campaign – it has really shown what the power of a movement of locally organised people can achieve.”

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