Jo hears about Asda’s community role and Mumdex panel views

Local MP Jo Swinson paid a visit to Asda Bearsden to hear about their role in the community and to discuss the latest Mumdex report and what it means for East Dunbartonshire’s families.

Jo spoke to Asda staff about the role the store plays in the local community, including their Community Champion initiative, and the concerns in the latest Mumdex report. Over 11,500 mums of all ages across the UK have signed up to be part of Asda’s Mumdex panel to discuss the issues affecting families.  In advance of the General Election, these women have identified the cost of living and the NHS as the biggest priorities.

Commenting Jo Swinson said:

“Rising prices remain a concern for families which is why we’ve slashed income tax bills, by £800 as of this April, for millions of low and middle income families.

“On the plus side the Mumdex for optimism is at +7 across the UK from last quarter with Scotland leading the way at +13.  People are beginning to see the results of the Coalition Government’s economic plan in their pocketbooks which is good news.

“You can find more information about Mumdex here:


Jo and Asda staff members discuss the Mumdex report

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