Jo joins campaign to reverse school bus cuts

Jo has backed a petition aimed at stopping the Council from cutting free bus services for school children in Kirkintilloch and Bishopbriggs.

Currently, primary school children get free travel if they live more than a mile away from school, and secondary school children are eligible if they live more than two miles away. However, cuts announced in the recent Council budget, effective from September this year, mean the limits will be increased to two and three miles respectively.

Critics of the Council’s decision argue that the axing of the current service will increase safety concerns by creating more congestion on the already crowded roads and force many children to walk to long distances to school.

Commenting, Jo said:

“When budget cuts need to be made, it is the Council’s job to protect the key services that people really depend on. The Liberal Democrat Councillors proposed a budget which would have balanced the books while at the same time leaving vital services such as the free bus service intact.”

“School buses are the ideal way to transport pupils to school when they don’t live close enough to walk. Forcing 5 year olds to walk 4 miles a day is not fair. In reality this will mean more cars on the road, with more congestion and increased carbon emissions and pollution as a result. When I heard about the petition, I was more than happy to sign it and include the campaign on my Facebook page and Twitter site. I would encourage others to sign the petition and raise awareness of this ill-conceived policy.”

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