Jo joins campaign to Save the Cheque

Jo Swinson, MP for East Dunbartonshire, has called on the Government to prevent banks from abolishing the cheque.

The Payments Council, representing major high street banks, announced proposals last November to phase out the cheque by 2018. However, one third of the UK’s population still use this method of payment, and plans to remove this option would disadvantage the elderly, housebound and disabled, as well as affecting the many businesses and charities that rely on cheques to conduct their business.

Commenting, Jo said:

“With over four million cheques written every day, it is clear that the cheque is still a highly popular and important way to pay, particularly for older people, small businesses and charities, and its elimination is an extremely unfair move. If these plans go ahead, many people who have no alternative will suffer. The banks have a responsibility to provide the best range of services possible for all their customers, rather than cut corners by removing this valuable payment method.”

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