Jo joins Podcasting phenomenon

Jo will use Podcasting to give regular updates of her work

Ricky Gervais is doing it, so are George W. Bush and the Simpsons – now Jo Swinson MP is joining in the podcasting revolution.

Jo is one of three MPs acting as ‘podcasting pioneers’ for the groundbreaking new service, which helps them make their own podcasts to be sent out across cyberspace.

Commenting on the podcasting phenomenon, Jo said:

“Podcasting – sending sound recordings via the internet direct for people to listen to on iPods – is an exciting new medium. It offers the chance to communicate directly with large numbers of people in a way that has not been possible until now, and I am very pleased to be one of the first MPs to utilise it to give regular updates on my work.

“Technology is continually opening up new ways to participate in politics, such as through improved communication with elected representatives, online campaigning and blogging. I am always looking to make the most of what it has to offer, however we must be careful to take an inclusive approach to those people who are less techno-literate, to make sure they are not left behind in the rush to embrace new technologies.”

Podcasting has taken off in the last year due to the popularity of devices such as iPods and the ease of making your own programme. Newspapers and broadcasters are now using the medium as well as amateur web enthusiasts around the world.

Although Tony Blair and Tory leader David Cameron have both taken part in podcasts for newspapers, this will be the first time British politicians have undertaken regular podcasting to their constituents.

The team behind the project, called Politics on Demand, believes that many MPs will want to sign up to produce their own podcasts. Director, Mark Flanagan, said:

“Podcasting is not just a fad – it’s become a significant new media platform which ideally lends itself towards politics. Politics on Demand aims to become a major player in helping MP’s communicate directly with voters in an unmediated way.”

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