Jo launches online pensions petition

East Dunbartonshire residents in favour of fairer, simpler and better state pensions can now register their opposition to the current pensions system online.

Jo Swinson has launched an online petition on this website, supporting the Liberal Democrats’ proposal for a Citizen’s Pension.

Jo said:

“Having received a huge response to a printed petition supporting pensions reform that was run across East Dunbartonshire earlier this year, I am pleased to launch an online version of the petition, to allow people to register their views over the internet.

“The Liberal Democrats’ proposal for a Citizens’ Pension would mean a higher pension for millions of people, particularly women and carers. It would mean a huge cutback on complex and unpopular means-testing, and, in conjunction with other pensions reforms, would boost private savings as well.

“By adding their name to the online petition, people in East Dunbartonshire can join the growing numbers supporting the Liberal Democrats’ proposals for radical and effective pensions reform.”

Liberal Democrat proposals for reform of the pensions system:

The Citizen’s Pension would be paid at £114.05 per week (2006/07 figure), instead of the £82.05p basic state pension. The pension would rise year-on-year in line with the increase in average earnings and would be paid to all those over state pension age.

These reforms would be paid for by making tough choices on the pension age and reform of public sector pensions. Specifically:

• Scrapping the State Second Pension and cutting back means-tested benefits

• Increasing the state pension age to 67, with a 25 year lead in time before anyone is affected

• Reforming public sector pensions to put them on a more sustainable footing

The Liberal Democrats also want to boost private savings, with all employees being automatically enrolled in non-state pensions, with a right to opt out.

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