Jo listens to Annan Drive residents’ flood fears

Jo is concerned that steps to prevent flooding have not been taken

Jo Swinson has met with residents of Annan Drive in Bearsden today, to listen to their concerns over flooding.

Residents faced flooding last summer and are angry that East Dunbartonshire Council has not taken action to prevent a repeat of the situation this year.

Jo said:

“The delays in tackling the flooding issues facing residents of Annan Drive and Conon Avenue are unacceptable. East Dunbartonshire Council needs to show a lot more urgency in dealing with this situation.

“The Council recently informed me that they are still looking at proposals to tackle the flooding issues, and had not assessed the full effects that flooding could have. That response is worryingly similar to one sent to local residents back in September. Why has the Council made no progress in nearly 6 months?

“The flooding issues could have been dealt with collectively for both the existing residents and the new houses that are being built. With the new building work underway however, an opportunity to address the problem has been squandered.

“I am writing to East Dunbartonshire Council to ask why their efforts to tackle the problems facing Annan Drive and Conon Avenue residents have stalled.”

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