Jo listens to Lenzie Moss safety concerns

Jo Swinson with Cathy Dearden walking to Lenzie Moss Primary

Jo joined the walk to school to witness the road safety problems

Jo Swinson has joined parents and pupils on their walk to Lenzie Moss Primary School, to see first-hand the road safety issues that are causing concern for the children’s safety.

Resident Cathy Dearden and other concerned parents are campaigning to improve pedestrian safety for the children walking to the school by calling for measures that include increasing traffic calming on Myrtle Avenue.

Commenting after the walk to school, Jo said:

“There is no doubt that parents of pupils at Lenzie Moss Primary have a right to be concerned. The speed and volume of traffic on Myrtle Avenue around the times that pupils are arriving at and leaving school, presents a hazardous situation for children. Potholes present a hazard of a different kind, quickly filling up with water when it rains and soaking pupils caught in the splash from passing cars.

“During peak times, cars are often parked with two or more wheels on the pavement, creating a blockage and sometimes forcing pedestrians to walk on the road. Ideally, a decrease in the amount of school traffic and an increase in the number of parents and pupils walking to school could ease congestion on the roads.

“Councillors in the Lenzie area have been active in taking up this issue and I hope to see the suggestions made by Cathy Dearden to improve the situation, including the extension of ‘no parking’ areas and filling of potholes, being given careful consideration.”

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