Jo named champion for animal welfare

Jo has been honoured by a leading animal welfare group for her commitment to tackling cruelty to animals.

The Protecting Animals in Democracy (PAD) project has presented Jo with an award in recognition of her principled stance on animal welfare. This includes supporting policies such as maintaining the hunting ban and the abolition of battery cages.

Commenting, Jo said:

‘It is an honour to accept this award. A great many constituents write to me because they are concerned about animal cruelty, and I have done my best to make sure that their views are represented in Parliament. Any activity which causes the unnecessary suffering of animals is something which most people find unacceptable and as law makers we have a duty to reduce it as much as possible.”

Commenting, PAD’s Dr Dan Lyons said:

“The way we treat animals is a fundamental indication of the state of our society. Jo Swinson’s support for compassionate politics is, therefore, a sign that she has the character and ethics much needed to stand in Parliament and help enhance the integrity of our political system.”

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