Jo pilots new democracy project with Westerton Primary pupils

Jo Swinson MP has taken part in a pilot scheme to help Bearsden school pupils learn about democracy.


Visiting Westerton Primary today as part of the MPs In Schools Scotland project, Jo was shown a powerpoint presentation by Primary 7 pupils, covering topics such as fair trade and lowering the voting age to 16. She took part in a question and answer session on ID cards, renewable energy and her work as an MP.

Commenting after the visit, Jo said:

“The MPs in Schools Scotland scheme is a well thought out, well structured way to help pupils learn about politics. The pupils undertake projects to prepare for the MP coming to their school, meaning that they can make the most of the visit to show off their knowledge and ask questions about a subject they have cultivated a genuine interest in. That Primary 7 pupils were asking about how soon they would be able to vote is a very encouraging sign.”

Developed by the Hansard Society, the MPs In Schools Scotland project seeks to build links between pupils, teachers, MPs and Westminster, and stresses an active and participatory role for young people in politics.

Greg Sanderson of the Hansard Society Scotland said:

“Jo is an enthusiastic supporter of young people’s participation in politics and we are delighted that she should be helping us pilot our MPs in Schools Scotland resource pack.”

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