Jo polls local opinion on energy profits

Jo Swinson is seeking the views of East Dunbartonshire residents on whether energy companies’ profits should be used to help reduce rising fuel bills.

Jo has launched her latest e-consultation, which asks residents who have signed up to the service to email a response to a specific question posed. After responses are received, they are polled and results are emailed out to participants.

Against the backdrop of rising energy prices and large ‘windfall’ profits made by energy companies, Jo is asking people in East Dunbartonshire whether they think the profits of energy companies should be used to cut domestic fuel bills and improve energy efficiency.

Commenting on the e-consultation, Jo said:

“Faced with rising energy prices, people are asking whether the government should be forcing energy companies to use their profits to help cut customers’ fuel bills. Through the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, energy companies accrued extra profits of over £9bn and it is this money in particular that many think should be redistributed. Supporters of this idea say it could be used to cut household bills and provide money to be reinvested in energy efficiency measures.

“I want to know what people in East Dunbartonshire think about the idea of using ‘windfall’ profits to help reduce energy bills, so I have made this the latest topic in my regular e-consultations.

“The idea behind the e-consultation service is to prompt people in East Dunbartonshire to put their views across on some of the more complex or thoughtful issues I represent them on. This kind of polling can provide me with a helpful steer on what communities in East Dunbartonshire think about the important issues affecting them.

“One of my aims as a Member of Parliament is to use the potential of email and the internet to represent better the people of East Dunbartonshire.”

People who have not already signed up to the e-consultation service can do so by sending an email with their name and address to [email protected].

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