Jo raises reservoir “security fences” in Parliament

In the House of Commons today, Jo urged the Home Office to to give permission for the Milngavie reservoir “security fences” to be removed without delay.

Jo recently revealed that Scottish Water has reached an agreement with Government officials over what alternative security measures can be put in place, to allow the fences to be taken down. However, the fences cannot be removed until the Home Office – who ordered the fences to be erected in the first place – has issued a new Directive to Scottish Water.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Jo told Home Office Minister James Brokenshire, that the fences serve “no practical purposes”, but are “an eyesore spoiling a beautiful and popular local attraction”.

Commenting, Jo said:

“I made clear to the Minister that there is no possible threat against which these unsightly fences could protect the reservoir, and that local people want to see them removed as quickly as possible.

“I am disappointed that the Minister wasn’t able to say when a new security Directive will be issued, but it is encouraging that discussions are taking place about this, and I will continue to put pressure on the Government to act as soon as possible so that the picturesque view across Milngavie reservoir can finally be restored.”

The text of Jo’s question to the Home Office appears below:

Jo Swinson: The so-called “security fences” around Milngavie reservoir cover a tiny part of the perimeter which is completely open to the public. They clearly have no practical purpose, but are an eyesore spoiling a beautiful and popular local attraction. Scottish Water say they are waiting on a new Directive from the Home Office before they can remove the fences, so can the Minister ensure that Directive is issued without delay?

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