Jo receives National Cruelty-Free Week makeover


Jo said the ‘cruelty-free’ makeup compared favourably with her usual products

As part of National Cruelty-Free Week (17th – 23rd July), Jo Swinson MP has taken the “cruelty-free challenge” to find out whether make-up that’s not been tested on animals is as good as her usual brands.

Earlier today, a professional make-up artist removed Jo’s usual cosmetics and applied products supplied by The Body Shop (and approved by the Humane Cosmetics Standard) in order to make a comparison.

Jo commented:

“There are many tried and tested natural ingredients for beauty products, and the UK is right to lead the way by banning the testing of cosmetic products on animals. The look and feel of the cruelty-free makeup is great.

“At a time when increasing numbers of people are looking to shop ‘ethically’, the BUAV Humane Cosmetics Standard is a useful benchmark for consumers. Products can still be imported from areas where animal testing is legal and it is therefore important for buyers to be able to distinguish through clear labelling which products are cruelty-free and which are animal-tested.”

National Cruelty-Free Week (17th – 23rd July 2006) aims to inform shoppers that animals are still used for testing cosmetics and household products. It also aims to help them avoid products that have been animal tested by encouraging them to look out for the BUAV rabbit and stars logo that manufacturers adhering to the Standard may use.

Jo Swinson receiving a 'cruelty-free' makeover while reading the 'Little Book of Cruelty-Free'The Humane Cosmetics Standard and the Humane Household Products Standard are the world’s only internationally recognised approval schemes for beauty and household products that are genuinely not tested on animals. To join the schemes, each company must prove they don’t conduct or commission animal testing, and apply a strict fixed cut-off date after which no animal testing must have taken place either within the company or throughout the supply chain.

Alistair Currie, Campaigns Director for the BUAV, said:

“Although cosmetics animal testing no longer occurs in the UK, animal tested beauty products are still imported and sold in this country, and tests for household products continue here. So it’s up to shoppers to be vigilant about the products that they buy to stop this abuse continuing.”

For a full list of cruelty-free manufacturers shoppers can log on

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