Jo responds to Daily Telegraph allegations

“Contrary to reports in today’s Daily Telegraph, I have never claimed for eyeliner, nor any other cosmetics.

I did not claim for the “29p dusters” or cleaning products. I have claimed for duplicates of the basic pieces of bathroom and kitchen equipment that I use in my main home. None of these items would have been necessary for me to buy if my job did not require me to travel to London and live away from home for half of the week.

I have made no personal profit from my expense claims. From the start I have routinely submitted receipts for my claims, even where not required. In Parliament I have for years now been urging reform of the expenses regime, called for independent audit and actively campaigned for greater transparency. Since the start of the 2008/9 financial year, I have also voluntarily published my expenses on a quarterly basis.

I am very happy to discuss any aspect of my expense claims with constituents by email, on the telephone or in person at one of my regular surgeries.”

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