Jo seeks protection for forced marriage victims

The Forced Marriage Bill received its Second Reading last night

Jo Swinson has spoken in Parliament in support of a new Bill to protect victims of forced marriage.

The Forced Marriage (Civil Protection) Bill received its Second Reading in the House of Commons last night. The Bill gives legal protection to the victims of the hundreds of forced marriages that are believed to take place in the UK each year.

Commenting after the debate, Jo, who recently became Liberal Democrat Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities, said:

“Legislation to protect victims of forced marriage is long overdue. For those people subjected to forced marriage, it amounts to a prison sentence.

“The Forced Marriage Unit deals with over 300 cases a year, but estimates that these are just the tip of the iceberg. Given that forced marriage is often closely associated with crimes of rape and honour killings, tackling it is of the utmost importance.

“I am pleased to see the Forced Marriage Bill receiving support from across the House of Commons, as well as from a wide range of community and interest groups.”

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