Jo signs up to World Can’t Wait campaign

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The campaign aims to keep up the pressure on G8 leaders

Jo Swinson is one of over 190 MPs who have added their names to an Early Day Motion calling on Tony Blair and the other G8 leaders to take urgent action to end global poverty and avert potentially catastrophic climate change.

The G8 Summit, which starts on 6th June in Germany, is key to ensuring that not only do the rich countries deliver on the commitments they made at the Gleneagles Summit in 2005, but they also make further, far-reaching promises. Urgent action is needed on debt cancellation, on more and better aid, on trade justice, on healthcare, education, water and sanitation for all, and to prevent catastrophic climate change.

In the UK, over ninety campaigning organisations have joined forces to arrange a mass anti-poverty rally in Westminster on Saturday 2nd June, to show the G8 leaders that the world is watching and the world can’t wait.

Jo said:

“It is imperative that the G8 member states live up to their commitments to eradicate poverty and tackle climate change, so I will be urging the UK government to take stronger action and use its influence in Europe and the G8. I will also be encouraging my constituents and their friends and families to sign up to the campaign and to travel to London on 2nd June to ensure that their voices are heard in the fight against poverty”.

Matt Phillips, Head of Campaigns at Save the Children, said:

“It’s critical MPs back this campaign – words mean nothing without action. 2005 saw a huge public mandate for dramatic action to make poverty history. But we need more urgency because children are missing out on healthcare and education now. Rich countries must act, the world can’t wait.”

CAFOD partner Mulima Kufekisa Akapelwa, an anti-poverty campaigner from Zambia, said:

“When aid is given effectively, it saves lives. I’ve seen that with my own eyes in Zambia.” Mulima, who has campaigned against poverty at G8 summits since 1998, urged campaigners: “The G8 leaders have the power to end poverty and hunger in our lifetime. Tell them the world can’t wait.”

In 2005 world leaders were given a huge public and political mandate to make poverty history and a series of historic promises were made that, if fulfilled, would help many millions escape extreme poverty. Two years on, it is clear that more urgent action is needed to tackle global poverty, as 1.2 billion people still struggle to survive on less than $1 a day. The promises that have been kept have changed millions of lives. But most are at serious risk of being broken, which is a disgrace.

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