Jo Slams Council for school closure confusion

Local MP Jo Swinson has written to East Dunbartonshire Council expressing her deep concern about their handling of school closures as a result of the severe winter storm battering the west of Scotland.

Parents and students were left scrambling for information in the wake of the Council’s decision to hold an 8:30 am emergency meeting on whether to keep schools open. To make matters worse the increase in traffic to the Council’s website caused it to crash.

Jo said:

“This is simply unacceptable. The media announced school closures for all other councils but no information for East Dunbartonshire until after 8 am, far too late for parents and students to make alternate arrangements. It is essential that parents and students are informed of school closures in a timely and efficient manner. I urge the council to investigate what went wrong and learn lessons from their mistakes in order that this situation is never repeated.”

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