Jo supports KWAG against Kilmardinny plans

Jo Swinson MP has signed the Kilmardinny Westpark Action Group’s petition against the Kilmardinny development project and encourages others to do the same.

Commenting, Jo Swinson said:

“This development is clearly against the public interest. Not only is the Reporter asking the Council to accept a decision which the overwhelming majority of local people have rejected, it is also asking the public to pay for the parts which the developers won’t pick up the tab for.

“I am encouraging anyone who is opposed to this development to sign the KWAG petition and show their support for the campaign. The Council must now do everything within its power to challenge the Reporter’s findings and make sure this poorly thought out plan does not go ahead.”


The statement on the petition is as follows:

I object to grant of planning permission as provided for by the Reporter Janet McNair in her Appeal Notice of Intention dated 6 April 2009 and I demand that East Dunbartonshire Council take all steps possible to prevent this development going ahead.

It can signed online at:

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