Jo supports Liberal Democrat plans to return power to East Dunbartonshire Council

Local Scottish Liberal Democrat campaigner Jo Swinson MP has welcomed the benefits offered to local communities by the Liberal Democrats home rule plan.

Chaired by Liberal Democrat MP Sir Ming Campbell, the Home Rule and Community Rule Commission, has detailed how a range of powers could be permanently transferred to the Scottish Parliament.

The report goes further in order to make sure that local councils, like East Dunbartonshire, have real powers to control council tax rates and business rates.

Commenting on the report, Jo said:

"It is not enough to transfer powers from the UK to Scotland.

"Scotland has become more and more centralised in recent years. Ministers want to grab all the power to the centre, to government offices in Edinburgh.

"The Liberal Democrats are serious about transferring power away from capital cities, whether London or Edinburgh, and ensure we have a strong and effective system of local government able to meet the demands of local communities.

"The Home Rule Report has outlined how we can strengthen the relationship between councils and the local business community. With the setting of business rates at a local level we can ensure that councils can respond more effectively to the needs of business from the high street to industrial parks. That's the way to ensure that councils play a greater role in creating jobs and growth.

"These are the plans which we want to put to people in East Dunbartonshire in the 2015 General Election."

The localism chapter of the Scottish Liberal Democrat's Home Rule plan can be read here:

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