Jo Swinson demands urgent action on Pension Reform

Jo demands an end to the unfair means tested pension scheme

Jo Swinson has backed the Liberal Democrat 10 point plan for pension reform sent to Adair Turner, Chairman of the Pension Commission.

The Liberal Democrats are determined to end the complexities and unfairness of means testing. Among the reforms set out are: the introduction of a range of incentives for people to take out second pensions; a resisting of calls for compulsory pensions; and the establishing of an Independent Pensions Authority to make pensions more “politician proof”.

Jo is campaigning for pensions reform. She commented: ‘East Dunbartonshire has around 17000 people over 65. The current pension scheme is clearly unfair – women are penalised for having taken time out to raise children, and means testing is bureaucratic meaning many of those eligible miss out. Pensioners have contributed much to our society and deserve the dignity of a fair, non-means tested pension.’

Liberal Democrat Leader, Charles Kennedy MP said: “Means-testing has helped create a pensions system which is in a complete muddle – both complex and ineffective. Millions of our pensioners still live in poverty, many women end up with insultingly small pensions, and the system is now so complex that few people can understand it.’

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