Jo Swinson MP asks “Are we taking the Dis?”

Jo has called for a sea change in attitudes towards disability

Jo Swinson, MP for East Dunbartonshire, has pledged support to the “Are we taking the Dis?” campaign.

The national campaign, launched by the Disability Rights Commission (DRC) aims to highlight the impact of disability discrimination and features real life stories of disabled people at the receiving end of unfair treatment.

Jo Swinson MP was joined by Christopher Holmes, MBE, Paralympic gold medallist and DRC commissioner.

Jo Swinson said:

“I back the DRC’s ‘Are we taking the Dis?’ campaign. If anybody doubted it, the real life stories in the adverts confirm that disability discrimination is a fact and all too often the barrier to disabled people getting qualifications, getting work and getting on. We need to move attitudes to the point where judging someone’s capability on the basis of their impairment is considered as crass and wrong as it is already accepted to be on the grounds of race or sex. The DRC’s campaign is an important contribution to this much needed shift.”

The campaign aims to highlight key facts.

• Disabled 16 year olds are twice as likely to be out of education or work as their non-disabled peers.

• Disabled people earn an average of 10% less per hour than non-disabled people.

• Disabled people are more likely to be out of work. Those in work are likely to be in low paid jobs.

Christopher Holmes said:

“I’m delighted Jo Swinson is supporting our campaign. Disability affects us all because developing an impairment or long-term health condition can come to any one of us. Yet for far too many this life change still acts as a trigger for profound social and economic exclusion. This has to change.”

The DRC has a dedicated website – – to highlight the campaign and so that everyone can debate the issues and the way forward.

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