Jo Swinson praises pupil elections at Killermont Primary

Jo Swinson has praised Killermont Primary in Bearsden for getting its pupils into the habit of voting at a young age.

Jo gave a talk to Primary 6 and 7 pupils at the school today, before Primaries 3 to 7 held elections to the school’s Pupil Council.

Commenting after the visit, she said:

“Promoting the habit of voting in young people is so important, given the current trend of falling turnout at elections. If children are given the chance to take part in elections as candidates and voters, they will be accustomed to the practice of voting and will be more likely to establish a voting habit that will stay with them as they grow up.”

One pupil per class is elected to Killlermont Primary’s Pupil Council, which meets regularly to make decisions on behalf of the school’s pupils.

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