Jo Swinson questions Minister and highlights need for electoral reform

Jo Swinson spoke out in favour of fairer votes

Jo Swinson has lent her support to the growing campaign for a fairer electoral system. Speaking in a House of Commons debate today, Jo highlighted the unfairness of the current system in Scotland.

She said, “The situation is ridiculous: in Glasgow North, the next door constituency to my own, the MP was elected with the support of less than 1 in 5 registered voters, and across Scotland Labour won more than 70% of the seats with less than 40% of the votes.”

Elections to the UK Parliament still use a First-Past-The-Post system, but proportional systems have grown in popularity. They were adopted by the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assembly in 1998 and pressure for UK-wide reform has been growing steadily.

The campaign for a fairer system was recently given added momentum by Lib Dem Leader Charles Kennedy. Mr Kennedy wrote a letter to the Prime Minister claiming that Proportional Representation would strengthen democracy by making Parliament more responsive to individual voters.

Jo also questioned the Minister on why Westminster could not look to the example set by Scotland, which already uses a proportional voting system for Holyrood elections, and shortly also for local Council elections.

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