Jo Swinson raises phone mast issue in House of Commons


Jo Swinson has voiced growing concerns of East Dunbartonshire residents about the proposed siting of numerous mobile phone masts.

Speaking in a House of Commons debate yesterday, Jo raised a number of concerns which constituents have relayed to her about this controversial issue.

Speaking in the debate Jo said: “My constituents still feel frustrated that there is not adequate scope for their views to be heard. One example is that the impact on health cannot be considered as grounds for refusal. Yet many of the concerns people have regarding phone masts relate directly to the impact on the health of them, and most often, their children.”

Using the new website- a website which urges people to pledge to do something if enough other people agree to support them- Jo recently pledged to organise a public meeting in East Dunbartonshire on the subject of mobile phone mast applications if 20 people pledged to attend.

During the debate Jo commented: “The speed at which the required 20 people signed up to the pledge is an indication of the level of interest in this issue. I will be organising this meeting for later in the summer, and I hope representatives from mobile phone operators will attend.”

Jo finally urged the Planning Minister, Jim Fitzpatrick, to give Local Planning Authorities the tools to examine all of the issues surrounding mobile phone masts.

Speaking after the debate, Jo said: “I’m glad I had the opportunity today to raise some of the issues which I know worry many of my constituents. We all recognise the need for mobile phone masts, but what my constituents are right in demanding is that they are sited sensibly and safely.”

“I hope that those of my constituents who are concerned about mobile phone masts and their siting come along to the meeting I am planning for later on in the summer. It would be really useful to hear as many views as possible on this issue.”

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