Jo Swinson wants fairer pensions for carers

Jo Swinson wants recognition for the work of carers

Jo Swinson MP has highlighted the plight of unpaid carers in a debate over gender inequality in the pension system.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Jo asked Vera Baird, Labour MP for Redcar, to agree that the contribution made by carers should be given greater recognition.

A quarter of women between the ages of 45 and 64 are carers, while ninety percent of carers are women. These carers are typically unpaid, and so can struggle to build up pensions contributions.

Currently, a system of carer credits exists to reward carers for the work they do, but it is flawed, primarily because of difficulties in clearly defining the role of carer.

Jo commented, “Carers save the UK economy £57 billion a year. It is a grave injustice that the contribution of carers, which is as valuable as paid employment, is not adequately recognised.”

“That lack of recognition leaves many women pensioners in poverty because they have not had the opportunity to build up their pension contributions.”

“A system should be put in place that takes into account the varying nature of care work, rewards carers fairly and allows them the opportunity to save for their pensions.”

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