Jo tackles Prime Minister on women and violence

Jo has called for an integrated strategy to deal with violence against women

Jo Swinson MP has challenged the Prime Minister to act in order to end violence against women.

Speaking at Prime Minister’s Questions today, Jo said:

“In light of the British Crime Survey figures showing almost half of all women in the UK experience domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking, and the End Violence Against Women report presented to him by victims of violence last November marking his Government as 1/10 on this issue, will the Prime Minister commit to developing an integrated strategy to deal with this, to ensure he doesn’t come bottom of the class this year?”

Commenting on the issue of violence against women, Jo said:

“Last November, the End Violence Against Women Campaign presented a report to the Prime Minister, which gave a highly critical evaluation of Government initiatives on violence against women.

“Given the 2001 British Crime Survey that revealed 45% of women have been victims of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking, this issue must be pushed into the political spotlight.

The Prime Minister responded by pointing to the Government’s Domestic Violence Strategy as an indication of progress on this issue.

In response, Jo Swinson commented:

“One of the criticisms levelled at the Government by the End Violence Against Women campaign is that the Domestic Violence Strategy does not recognise that women are the overwhelming victims of domestic violence. Not only does this hamper its effectiveness, it also prevents progress by the devolved Parliaments and assemblies of the UK, some of whom are proving more adept at tackling this issue.

“The problem that needs to be addressed is a lack of leadership and coordination of efforts to end violence against women.”

“Violence against women comes in a range of guises. Currently, it is dealt with across a number of Government departments, with varying degrees of effectiveness. An integrated strategy to stop violence against women must be adopted to tackle not only domestic violence, but with equal effectiveness other crimes such as stalking, sexual harassment, female genital mutilation, ‘honour’ crimes and trafficking into forced prostitution.”

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