Jo urges Chancellor to cut income tax

Jo wants green taxes to fund a national income tax cut

Jo Swinson has called for Chancellor Alistair Darling to cut national income tax and extend green taxes, when he delivers his Budget on 12th March.

Commenting ahead of the Budget statement, Jo said:

“Rising fuel costs, mortgage interest and household bills are placing increased pressure on people in East Dunbartonshire. Coupled with this, the tax burden on families has also risen – according to the Centre for Policy Studies, the average household pays £7,800 a year more tax than when Labour took power.

“The Budget is an ideal opportunity for Alistair Darling to cut the burden of tax on low and middle income households. The Liberal Democrats want to see a cut in national income tax to 16p in the pound. This should be paid for by increasing the taxes on activities that pollute most, such as running the most polluting vehicles or flying.

“In Britain, the poorest fifth of households pay a bigger share of their income in tax than the richest fifth. The wealth divide between rich and poor has actually risen since Labour came to power. With his first Budget as Chancellor, Alistair Darling has an opportunity to put right the problems Labour has allowed to fester since coming to office in 1997.”

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