Jo urges constituents to apply for Speaker’s internships scheme

Jo has joined cross-party MPs to launch an internship scheme which will open Parliament’s doors to young people of all backgrounds.

The project was launched this week by Jo and Labour and Conservative MPs Hazel Blears and Eric Ollerenshaw. It comes in response to recent studies which have shown unpaid internships are making Parliament accessible only to the wealthy or those based in London.

In a bid to make Parliament more inclusive and open, the scheme hopes to attract 12 young people from disadvantaged and diverse backgrounds, who will be given the opportunity to complete a paid internship in Parliament.

Commenting, Jo said:

“I am delighted this scheme has now been launched and is open for applicants. With internships recently coming under intense scrutiny, this scheme is a positive first step toward making our politics more representative of British people.

“The Speaker’s Parliamentary Placements scheme will make Parliament more open and accessible to those who have previously not thought of applying for an internship, whether due to their distance from London, lack of contacts, or financial constraints. I hope that people across East Dunbartonshire who are passionate about politics will consider this valuable opportunity to really see how Parliament works.”


Applications can be made on the Social Mobility Foundation’s

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