Jo urges Minister to act on excess packaging

Jo Swinson with Joan Ruddock

The Minister has agreed that existing packaging regulations are not working effectively

Jo Swinson has urged Environment Minister Joan Ruddock to act to cut excess packaging.

In a meeting today, Jo discussed with the Minister what steps the Government is taking to reduce the 5 million tonnes of packaging waste produced each year by UK households.

Commenting after the meeting, Jo said:

“These positive talks indicate that the Government is willing to recognise the problem of wasteful over-packaging. However, there is more they could be doing to cut packaging and help the frustrated consumers who are paying for excess packaging they don’t want or need.

“The laws on acceptable packaging size do not work and are badly in need of reform. They are due to be reviewed at EU level, but the Government should take the initiative and strengthen the law at home without waiting for approval from Brussels.

“The Government’s key agreement with supermarkets and producers on packaging reduction, the Courtauld Commitment, is due to report in the coming weeks. This will be a clear indicator of whether the Government’s strategy to reduce excess packaging is working.”

Over 90% of the UK grocery sector has signed up to the Courtauld Commitment, whose aim is to ‘design out packaging waste growth by 2008 and secure absolute reduction in packaging waste by 2010′.

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