Jo visits St Andrew’s First Aid to support Anaphylaxis Awareness

Jo Swinson MP for East Dunbartonshire recently experienced a life threatening allergic reaction to nuts which resulted in an anaphylactic shock.

She has since thanked the Southern General Hospital for “keeping her alive”. Following this incident and to raise awareness of the difference that First Aid can make in an emergency, St Andrew’s First Aid has invited Jo to visit their offices to participate in an Anaphylaxis Awareness class. Journalists and the press will be given the opportunity to ask her questions and there will be photographic opportunities.

Allergies range from the common, hay fever or seasonal allergic rhinitis, which is the most widespread allergy in the UK, to the more serious. Some allergies such as those to peanuts or shellfish can even result in death.  It is vital that allergy sufferers have quick access to good First Aid which can make the difference between a life lost and a life saved.

Jo Swinson said, “Having had a nut allergy from a young age I am all too aware of how dangerous they can be. It is important to not only make an allergy known to friends and family but also to carry an Epipen at all times. In the event of anaphylactic shock it is vital that First Aid is delivered as quickly as possible as recognising and treating the symptoms of an allergic reaction quickly can save a life.”

Stewart Simpson, Training Manager at St Andrew’s First Aid added, “First Aid can make a real difference in an anaphylaxis emergency – perhaps making the difference between a life and death situation. It is crucial that allergy sufferers tell friends and family about their allergy and perhaps even encourage them to attend an Anaphylaxis Awareness training course.”

Picture courtesy of Peter Devlin


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