Jo welcomes Easter packaging cuts

Jo has produced two reports pressing Easter egg manufacturers to reduce their packaging

Excess packaging campaigner Jo Swinson has welcomed a reduction in Easter egg packaging by chocolate manufacturer Nestle.

The company has removed plastic inserts from 80% of its 2009 Easter egg range and has reduced the size of small and medium egg boxes by 25%.

Jo said:

“For the past two years I have produced reports that have been critical of the excess packaging used on Easter eggs, so it is great to see manufacturers starting to make significant reductions to their egg packaging.

“The steps taken by Nestle to reduce packaging in its 2009 Easter egg range show that the company has listened to the campaigners and consumers who are fed up with wasteful excessive packaging.

“In the past, retailers and producers have been sceptical about reducing box sizes, worrying that smaller packages will be less attractive to their customers. By choosing eggs that have minimal packaging, this year’s Easter egg buyers can dispel this myth and give all producers an incentive to reduce their packaging.

“This is a step in the right direction but it is up to all manufacturers to continue finding ways to cut out excess packaging and improve its recyclability. To have a real impact, this packaging reduction must be part of a broader trend rather than a one-off change.”

Jo Swinson has carried out an extensive campaign to highlight the need to reduce excess packaging. The campaign has included:

  • Reports on Easter egg packaging in 2007 and 2008
  • A policy motion passed by Liberal Democrat conference in 2007 on excess packaging reduction
  • A 10 Minute Rule Bill at Westminster on steps to reduce wasteful packaging
  • A meeting with DEFRA Minister Joan Ruddock to discuss the proposals put forward in Ms Swinson’s Packaging (Reduction) Bill.

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